River Exe

This text deals specifically with that part of the River Exe that flows through Somerset. The river starts its journey at Exe Head at an Elevation of 463 metres. It flows in a easterly direction to Exe Head Bridge which carries the B3223, the Lynmouth to Simonsbath Road. Continuing in a easterly direction it flows through the valley between Great Buscombe to the North and Little Ashcombe to the south before flowing beneath Warren Bridge, a single arch stone bridge. Flowing on through Exe Cleave, it receives water from Rams Combe and then reaches Westermill Farm, and flowing beneath Silly Bridge to reach Riscombe where it turns to a south easterly direction, past Edgcott to reach Exford. From source to Exford the river has travelled close to seven miles.

Warren Bridge

At Exford it flows beneath Exford Bridge, a listed 3 arch structure and flows through Lyncombe and then the valley between Staddon Hill and Room Hill to reach Nethercote where the river turns again to an easterly direction. Continuing to the south of Staddon Hill the river receives the waters of Larcombe Brook and turns to the southy to reach Winsford.From source to Winsford the river has travelled close to thirteen miles.

At Winsford it receives the waters from Winn Brook and flows beneath three bridges, the first being the medieval packhorse bridge, the second, Vicarage Bridge and the third, Exe Bridge. To the south of Winsford the river flows beneath Edbrooke Bridge, another packhorse structure and then Week’s Bridge to reach Copplesham where the waters from the River Quarme join. Now flowing in a southerly direction the river flows to the west of Exton to reach Bridgetown, where the river passes beneath Bridgetown Bridge.

From Bridgetown the river continues flowing to the south to flow beneath Milton’s Bridge. The river flows between Broford and Howe Woods where waters from Combehead join and on past Winslade Wood to Kent’s Weir and then Chilly Bridge. Continuing to flow through wooded valleys the river passes Barlynch Wood to reach Hele Bridge, approximately 20 miles from the rivers source. Just under a mile from Helebridge the river is joined by the waters of the River Haddeo and then after a further mile by the waters of the River Barle before reaching Exbridge. The Rivers journey from source to Exbridge is approximately 23 miles.