Badgworthy Water

Badgworthy Water is formed by streams that run from East and West Penford and Trout Hill, Long Combe and Lark Barrow. It flows in a northerly direction and is joined on the south side of Badgworthy Hill by its main tributary, Hoccombe Water. It flows through Doone country, between Badgworthy Lees and South Common. It continues east of Malmsmead Hill and Its journey ends when it is joined by Oare Water near Malmsmead, to form the East Lyn River.

During its approximately 5.6 kilometre journey it is joined by Hoccombe Water, waters from Clanna Combe and Hoccombe Combe, Withycombe Bridge Water, waters from Lank Combe and Land Combe, Yealcombe Water, waters from Shir Combe and Yeal’s Combe, and after passing Cloud Farm it is joined by Bus Lawn Water, and waters from Bus Combe, and Wat Combe.

Source: Head stream on Little Buscombe – Elevation 435.2 m or 1427.7 feet – Location :51.16534,-3.76145

Downstream from Hoccombe Water join
Downstream from confluence with Hoccombe Water.

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