Chalk Water

Chalk Water rises in Madacombe and flows north for approximately 3 miles to join Oare Water at Oareford.

From it source it flows east of Kittuck Meads to reach Three Combes Foot where it is joined by waters from the western side of Kittuck Meads and waters from Hoscombe. It flows on through Kittuck Barrow where it is joined from the west by a stream that flows through Stowford Bottom, and later, waters from Outer Alscot Combe and Inner Alscot Combe join from the east and waters from Oldhay Combe and Blindwell Combe join from the west. Its journey is complete when it meets Weir Water at Oareford Bridge to form Oare Water. From source to its confluence with Weir Water there is an elevation fall of close to 145 metres.

Source: Elevation 417.5 m or 1369.8 feet – Location :51.17164,-3.67074

Three Combes Foot
Three Combes Foot

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