Little River

Upstream from Higher Spire
Upstream from Higher Spire

The Little River on Exmoor, a tributary of the River Barle, rises approximately 250 metres south of Spire Cross at an elevation of approximately 350 metres. It then flows in a southerly direction, through Contest Plantation, past Higher Spire and Lower Spire. Just south of Lower Spire a small stream joins from the east, prior to the river flowing beneath the Lower Liscombe Road. From here the river turns in a westerly direction flowing below Varle Hill where a stream from the north which originates near to Lakehead Combe joins. After flowing for a distance of approximately 2.75 kilometres with a fall in elevation of lose to 135 metres it reaches its confluence with the River Barle. 

Source: Elevation 350.6 m or 1150.3 feet – Location :51.08850,-3.58928

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