East Lyn River

The East Lyn is formed by the confluence of Oare Water and Badgworthy water below Malmsmead, it then flows for 7.5 kilometres through Brendon and Rockford to reach Watersmeet where it is joined by Hoar Oak Water. Continuing on, the river flows through a deep narrow gorge to reach Lynmouth where immediately after flowing beneath Lyndale bridge it is joined by the waters of the West Lyn river and shortly after flows into the Bristol Channel.

From its beginning at the confluence of Oare Water and Badgworthy Water the East Lyn flows for an approximate distance of 10.8 klometres to reach the sea at Lynmouth with a fall of close to 250 metres. The waters begin at the source of Badgworthy Water giving a total distance from source 16.4 kilometres.

Source: Head stream on Little Buscombe – Elevation 435.2 m or 1427.7 feet – Location :51.16534,-3.76145

Downstream from Watersmeet
Downstream from Watersmeet

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