East Water

East Water is a tributary stream of Horner Water. It rises on Goosemoor Common on the northern slopes of Dunkery. Flowing through Bagley Combe its joined by waters from Sweetworthy Combe and south of Cloutsham by waters from Aller Combe. The waters then flow in an easterly direction to Cloutsham Splash and Old Bridge, shortly after which further waters join from Hollow Combe. From Hollow Combe the waters flow in a northerly direction through Sideways Wood where additional waters join from Red Girt. After a journey of approximately 4 kilometres the waters join those of Horner Water to flow on to reach the sea at Bossington. The fall in elevation from its source to the Horner cnfluence is close to 330 metres.

Source: Elevation 446.9 m or 1466.2 feet – Location :51.16641,-3.60876

Cloutsham Splash weir
Cloutsham Splash

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