Edgcott Mill, Exford

Location :51.13613,-3.64928

The mill and associated leat are shown on historic mapping.

References: MSO11267 – Edgcott Mill, Exford

Full Description
Leat from River Exe and tail race, now dry. Had an overshot wheel.
Edgcott mill and leat are depicted on the Tithe Map for Exford. The mill building is shown at SS 8473 3869 and the leat takes water from the River Exe at SS 8457 3875, running down to the mill and then returning to the river at SS 8482 3863. The leat is labelled 637 but unfortunately, the number on the mill building is too difficult to determine on the copy of the map viewed. The accompanying Apportionment document describes 637 as “Mill Leat” (there is no obvious description that would sit with the mill building), both owned and occupied by John Hooper.
The mill and leat are both shown on the 1st Edition Ordnance Survey map and on the 2nd Edition map (as mentioned above). The leat appears to run the same course as it did on the Tithe Map. A weir is marked on the Exe from where the water is drawn for the leat.
Since the 2nd Edition Map was surveyed, the leat appears to have been filled in. The mill building may still be extant

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