Puzzlecombe Weir

Location :51.02698,-3.52025

A leat leads from the weir, directed by a sluice, to Perry Cottages and beyond. N.B. This leat continues to the south of the National Park boundary.

References: Exmoor HER – MEM24816 – Post-medieval leat south of Puzzlecombe Weir and MEM23676 – Puzzlecombe Weir

Full Description
A leat is shown on the Tithe Map for Dulverton. It begins at Puzzlecombe Weir (MEM23676, SS 9345 2636), where it is directed southwards to the west of the River Exe, to a building at SS 9342 2598 (MEM24817). At this point, the leat passes outside the National Park boundary and leads southwards, until it feeds into the River Barle at SS 9323 2534.
The leat is shown on the 25 inch 1st Edition Ordnance Survey map. This map labels a sluice at the weir, to control water flow into the leat, and also depicts another sluice feeding an overflow leat from the main leat back into the Exe, from SS 9344 2600 to SS 9347 2599.
The 25 inch 2nd Edition map shows a similar layout to the 1st Edition map.
The 2018 MasterMap data suggests that much of the route of the leat no longer appears to be extant within the National Park boundary, although it may simply have been omitted from the data.
A weir is shown on the Tithe Map for Dulverton at SS 9347 2638 on the River Exe. The river is labelled 2267 at this point, which the Apportionment states was owned by the Trustees of the Minehead Turnpike Roads.
The feature is shown and labelled “Puzzlecombe Weir” on the 1st Edition Ordnance Survey map.
It is again shown on the 2nd Edition map.
The weir appears to be no longer extant. The river has also changed shape at this location.