Grand Western Canal Viaduct ROW No.5132

Bridge Name:   Grand Western Canal Viaduct ROW No.5132
No.:   44
Location:   50.99417,-3.21690  Footpath WG8/5
Build Date:   1828
Engineer:   James Green
Footpath across the Tone using the old Aqueduct that once carried the Grand Western Canal across the River Tone

Aqueduct carrying the Grand Western Canal (PRN 44126) over the River Tone The stone work of the wide, graceful arch of this slender 30ft span structure is in good condition and, although the parapet is crumbling, it can still be crossed, when the iron trough which contained the water will be seen. The aqueduct is skewed to avoid scour of the abutments and wing walls. The skewed horizontal iron waterway trough spans a little over 9m between the abutments and was made in the form of a flat arch in three sections with splayed joints similar to stone voussoirs. It is restrained in a longitudinal direction by inclined iron brackets at the junction of the three sections of the trough. The brackets protrude into the masonry at each side.1

References:   1. Somerset HER 44140